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The Company

Kostas Chatzivasiliou
Aluminum Constructions Ilioupoli

HATZIVASILEIOU company is located in Ilioupoli and deals with the subject of aluminum constructions.
It is a family business, with extensive experience in the field of aluminum-iron construction (70 years), which implements the most demanding construction.
We undertake;

 aluminum frames, cold - thermal breaks
 iron - aluminum railings
 aluminum storage wardrobes,
 panel warehouses
 garage doors
 iron lockers
 roller blinds in homes and shops.
For our constructions, we are certified by the leading company EUROPA.
We serve directly all over Greece, we come to your space for free, we recommend reliable solutions and inform you about our offers.
Totally competitive prices, quality of work, consistency in delivery time.


35, KIPRION IROON str, ILIOUPOLI 16341, ΑTHENS | 2109927093 / 6972528671 | kostasxatziva@gmail.com