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Aluminum Window Frames

Costas Chatzivasiliou
Aluminum Frames Ilioupoli

Aluminum window frames offer many advantages in every area such as security, insulation, durability, aesthetics.
The company CHATZIVASILEIOU has a wide variety and types of frames for many applications, in windows, doors, windows, balcony doors.
The frames can be sliding (often used in apartment blocks as economical choices), rotating, sloping, PVC, etc.





Garage Doors Ilioupoli

CHATZIVASILIOU has many years of experience and know-how in the installation of roller shutters and garage doors. We recommend rolls of high quality and durability, for every need and specialty.




35, Kiprion Iroon str, Ilioupoli 16341, Αθήνα | 2109927093 / 6972528671 | kostasxatziva@gmail.com